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Forge Motorsport Boost Gauge Fitting Kit – 2.0TFSI/TSI VW GOLF MK6 R

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    #golfR #forge #TFSI For all those wishing to install a boost gauge to their 2.0 litre TFSI engines (suitable for all VAG TSI and FSI turbo engines) A CNC inline take off, which is installed on to the inlet manifold, and allows up to three connections to be made if required. These are available in Black anodised finish only. In The Box: 1 x 1mm Vacuum Port 1 x 2mm Vacuum Port 1 x 3mm Vacuum Port 8 x Cable Ties 1 x Horse Shoe Clip 3 x M6 x 6 Grub Screws 1 x 2000mm x 4mm Vacuum Tube 1 x Instructions 1 x Forge Sticker

Category Engine/exhaust
Location Sheffield, United Kingdom
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Created on 2017-11-23

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