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Air Lift 27682 - 3P Pressure Controller 1/4" Complete Managment

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    Airlift introduces the worlds first Height and Pressure based Air Suspension control system! Starting out with the 3P Pressure system you may ADD level sensors at any time! Using the amazing wired hand controller OR your IPhone / Android Smartphone Bluetooth via IOS/Android APP you may switch seamlessly from pressure based controls to height sensors! when added. The best of both worlds is now in your hand. Utilize your Pressure base system for real time pressure readings on all four corners plus the tank for daily, spirited or track driving. Or ADD the level sensors allowing you to add passengers and or cargo to your vehicle, switch over to Height base sensors, and level out the car to your desired setting! WOW! See Extended Descriptions for a comparison chart of the 3P Pressure systems abilities along side the 3H Height abilities. Here is what you Get!: 1/4" Manifold Display unit Wire Harness Self Purge Water Trap APP FOR IOS OR ANDROID Viair 444c Compressor 4 Gallon 5 Port Aluminum Tank #airlift #airride #3p #airsuspension #viair

Category Suspension/brakes
Location Sheffield, United Kingdom
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